Friday, December 9, 2016

She's getting fit!

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In the back of my mind lurked something SG mentioned about Scary Doll wanting to stimulate herself with new activities. Lo and behold I come home to the gentle hum of the treadmill, between the cranking of the wheels and the whoosh of the conveyor belt was the subtle sound of labored breathing. Sure enough, it was SD, barely able to handle a speed setting of 1.0. Good thing I rescued her, as she was poised to lose her already nonexistent footing and propel herself backwards through the thermal-pane window (she doesn't even have wire legs anymore, much less the wooden stand we can no longer find, it's a wonder how she was able to handle such an ordeal). I think it's obvious she's had enough of exercise and needs to take a break, basking in the warm representation of family and togetherness. 

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